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Iron Body Construction (#5-PW):
Chromium Molybdenum Steel Precision Casting + Carbon Graphite Composite
Iron Body Construction (AW, AS, SW):
SUS431 Stainless Steel Precision Casting + Carbon Graphite Composite
Shaft Construction:
REXIS for EZONE GT (Namd reinforced), N.S.950GH HT : Steel
Original Yonex Rubber Grip

Product Technology

The world's first use of the material Namd
dramatically improves the interface adhesion of
the graphite fibres and resin, resulting in a high
strength and lightweight shaft. With increased
flex and an unprecedented snapback, it produces
a high initial ball velocity for maximum distances.

Namd Shaft

Namd is a technology developed by Nitta Co. to
uniformly disperse carbon nanotubes onto
graphite fibres on a nano level.

The EZONE GT adopts the tour proven G-BRID head technology. The head is
manufactured from Chrome Molybdenum steel (Chromoly Steel) which has high
repulsion properties. These properties are further enhanced by heat treating the
face to increase power and expand the sweet spot whilst the hosel remains soft,
allowing for easier custom fit adjustments.

G-Brid Construction:
Combining graphite damping material on the back side of the face, in addition
to improving hit feeling by suppressing vibrations, a low and deep centre of
gravity is realised.

G Brid 1

G Brid 2

By adjusting the hardness of the Chrome Molybdenum steel, the face is
hardened to enhance repulsion power whilst the hosel is softened to allow for
easy loft and lie angle adjustment.