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Newly designed upper provides remarkably improved fit and stability.
White, Coral Red
P.U. Leather
Polyester Mesh
Durable Skin
ToughBrid Light
Power Cushion
Solid E.V.A.
Power Graphite Sheet

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  • 1.0 out of 5

    So much potential

    David Li on 08:14 10 October 2017

    Coming from the SHB02, these shoes have a much improved, stiffer midsole and outsole. However, the solid upper of the SHB02 is gone and the rubber upper on the SHB03 feels much like the Aerus line. The confidence in lunges, turns and changes of direction isn't there, and I have to avoid playing too aggressively. I feel my heel twist and turn inside of the shoe due to the lack of support in the upper, and have almost rolled my ankle about 3 times in a month since I switched to the SHB03. This shoe is wonderfully stiff with the new carbon shank on the bottom but the flexible upper doesn't do it any justice.

  • 1.0 out of 5

    Sole fell apart

    Kent Carter on 05:18 10 January 2017

    A 1-2cm piece of the rubber sole came off both shoes which made them impractical for me to use since I play competitively and would easily roll my ankles without this. Very disappointed. I've never seen this happen before and the shoe is otherwise fairly new.

  • Great looking pair of shoes. Grip is good.

    Issues after 60hrs of use: Top two eyelets started tearing since they are not reinforced (especially if you use heel lock lacing pattern). The rubber top started tearing at the forefoot bend. Sole of the left foot started to come apart (easy fix with shoe goo). Cushion that hugs around the heel became compact so the fit became loose and blisters started forming around the heel.

    I would recommend wearing two pairs of socks once the shoes have been broken in because the fit becomes loose (length wise).

  • 4.0 out of 5

    Not the best fitting shoe

    Chaitanya Samardhi on 11:05 23 February 2016

    Out of the 4 top end shoes I have, this is the one that does not fit best. Needs 2 pairs of socks for a tight fit.