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The New POWER CUSHION 88 DIAL Achieves Optimum Fit and Comfort through the use of the BOA® Fit System

11 November 2019

YONEX is proud to announce the new POWER CUSHION 88 DIAL, that combines Power Cushion+®, our unique shock absorbing and resilient material, with a new upper structure featuring the BOA®* fit system to create an optimal fit, releasing in late December 2019.

In recent years, badminton play has become faster, and a well-fitted shoe has become more necessary than ever, as players respond instantly to the shuttle, changing direction quickly. The new POWER CUSHION 88 DIAL adopts a new upper structure that uses the BOA® Fit System that allows fine adjustment by millimeters by tightening the wire with the turn of the dieal. BOA® Fit System tightens from the ankle to the toe at the same time, so the shoes and the entire foot are fitted uniformly while eliminating the “tight feeling” feeling, resulting in a firm but comfortable fit.

The heel of the shoe includes Yonex’s POWER CUSHION+ material, which can famously bounce an egg dropped from a height of 12 meters back to a height of 6 meters, without breaking. Additionally, Power Graphite runs in the sole, adding reliable stability.

*BOA® and the BOA® logo are registered trademarks of Boa Technology.



By improving shock absorption, our POWER CUSHION+ technology for faster footwork that transfroms impact into energy. A 28% increase in shock absorption and a 62% increase in repulsion when compared to the previous POWER CUSHION. 

A raw egg can be dropped from 12 meters above a POWER CUSHION+ mat, rebounding to a height of 6 meters without breaking. 

*Tested by Yonex

New upper structure for optimal fit

BOA® Fit System allows the wire to be easily tightened by turning the dial and the fit to be adjusted in millimeters. The POWER CUSHION 88 DIAL has been designed to tighten from the ankle to the toes uniformly to achieve a firm but comfortable fit.



Product Name



White/Blue, Bright Red


Synthetic Leather


Synthetic resin


Rubber sole


22-30, 31cm


approx. 290g
(26cm shoe)