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Royal EZONE Irons

Royal EZONE Irons

Body & Face Construction:
SUS431 Stainless Steel Precision Casting
Shaft Construction:
Graphite: M55Light; Steel: FEMCO FST-115

Product Technology


The world's first use of the material Namd
dramatically improves the interface adhesion of
the graphite fibres and resin, resulting in a high
strength and lightweight shaft. With increased
flex and an unprecedented snapback, it produces
a high initial ball velocity for maximum distances.

Namd Shaft

Namd is a technology developed by Nitta Co. to
uniformly disperse carbon nanotubes onto
graphite fibres on a nano level.

The Slanted Grooves prevent grass and moisture from coming
in-between the club face and the ball, helping to stabilise the
ball flight reducing left and right side spin for more accuracy.

Slanted Grooves