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Crown Construction:
High stability graphite
Shaft Construction:
REXIS for EZONE GT: Graphite (Namd composite)
Body & Face Construction:
SUS630 Stainless steel Precision casting

Made in Japan

Product Technology

The EZONE GT Driver features a head structure that combines a new Open
Weave Graphite Crown material that reduces weight with a new Honeycomb
Crown structure for added strength. The result is a 20% weight reduction for
a lower and deeper centre of gravity allowing for a higher, low spin
trajectory to maximise distance.


Crown 2

The new Open Weave Graphite material makes it possible to increase the
strength whilst reducing the resin content. It also ensures the Crown is
more rigid than conventional Graphite.

The world's first use of the material Namd
dramatically improves the interface adhesion of
the graphite fibres and resin, resulting in a high
strength and lightweight shaft. With increased
flex and an unprecedented snapback, it produces
a high initial ball velocity for maximum distances.

Namd Shaft

Namd is a technology developed by Nitta Co. to
uniformly disperse carbon nanotubes onto
graphite fibres on a nano level.

Traditionally, a club face is polished horizontally, but avoiding the trap of conventional wisdom, Yonex has adopted a vertical polish. A design that eliminates the need for grooves on the face, improving shot direction and minimizing side spin. 

vertical polish

With a vertical polish it is easier to move the ball in an upwards direction rather than horizontally. As a result, the spin axis is difficult to change and destructive side spin is minimised.

With horizontal polishing it is easier to move the ball in a left/right direction compared to vertical polishing. As a result, the spin axis tilts, and there is an increase in side spin.

Polished Face 2(1)

Vertical polishing improves accuracy by decreasing side spin. Testing shows a difference of up to 5 yards.