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Expanded Carbon Crown

The new EZONE XPG driver features an expanded carbon crown which lowers the club’s center of gravity, giving you a higher launch angle and reduced spin, for jaw-dropping distance.

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Dual Tungsten Power System

The composite 20g Tungsten Powder at the grip end works in conjunction with the Tungsten screw in the club head to produce an explosive power breakthrough. The Dual Tungsten Power [DTP] System and Lightweight Shaft counterbalances to retain a D2 swing balance, making it just as easy to hit as a conventional driver but with more power.

Dual Tungsten Power System ImageDual Tungsten Power System Image D.T.P System

360 Degree Undercut Cavity

The flex area on the club face has increased with the inside of the cavity completely undercut for a larger sweet spot giving you a more forgiving shot with greater control.

360 Degree Undercut Cavity with Larger Sweet Spot
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New Head Shape

An overall sharper looking iron the new EZONE XPG design focuses on height and length near the iron face toe. Consistent heel height and a round blade allows the iron to connect with the ball with exceptional results. This iron is more forgiving and is better fit for a wide variety of users compared with conventional models.

New Head Shape Image

Neomallet Heavy Head

With a 365 gram neomallet head, the XPG putter is 10-20 grams heavier than normal putters with a deeper center of gravity, allowing for greater stability and precision on short putts. The putter’s TPU Resin Face, gives players a greater sense of comfort when they putt.

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Heavy Weight with Counterbalanced Shaft

20 grams heavier than normal steel shafts, the XPG putter’s shaft’s center of gravity is 20mm closer to the golfer’s hands, allowing for smoother more stable strokes.

Heavy Weight with Counterbalanced Shaft Product Image