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The New 3D POWER GRAPHITE Equipped SAFERUN 100 Series

11 September 2019

TOKYO, Japan — The tradition of creating top tier running footwear for health-conscious runners continues with the newest edition to the POWER CUSHION™ SAFERUN series developed by Yonex Co., Ltd. Set to launch at the end of September, the SAFERUN 100M and 100L running shoes are designed to stabilize the heel when landing and converting the impact energy into forward thrust, to improve your stride.

SAFERUN 100 is superior to generic cushion-based running shoes because a runners’ stride is increased by approximately 6%*1, and impact force to the knees is reduced by 34%*1. The cushioning technology also lessens lateral blurring of the ankle joint by approximately 25%*1, improving overall running form.

Yonex first began utilizing graphite in products 20 years ago, aiding in the outstanding performances of top athletes over the years. As a pioneer of graphite technology in the footwear industry, Yonex has developed a new 3D POWER GRAPHITE technology, optimal for running.

The shoe sole features Feather Bounce Foam, a new lightweight cushioning material designed to provide an added bounce with each step. The soft bottom sole disperses each step’s impact and creates a high repulsive force, turning the landing energy into forward momentum for each stride.

SAFERUN 100 features the shock-absorption and repulsion material of POWER CUSHION™+. POWER CUSHION™+ offers 28%*2 more shock absorbency and 62%*3 more resistance in comparison to conventional cushioning material (EVA). Placing POWER CUSHION™+ in the forefoot and heel relaxes the burden on knees to enable a more comfortable fit.

SAFERUN running shoes reduce the burden on runners’ knees while enabling comfortable running with less fatigue due to added heel stability at the time of landing.


*1 Tested at the Niigata Institute for Health and Sports Medicine. *2 Tested by Japan Vehicle Inspection Association *3 Tested by the BOKEN Quality Evaluation Institute (Based on JIS standards).


  1. Stabilized heel and reduced strain on muscles while running with 3D POWER GRAPHITE built into midsole

By incorporating a 3D graphite plate from the heel to the midsole, the heel is firmly supported, stabilizing the landing and reducing lateral movement. In addition, the graphite is laminated in the optimal fiber direction, enhancing both flexibility and stability. With the addition of 3D POWER GRAPHITE strain on muscles is greatly reduced.

*When comparing inward tilt of the ankle while stepping with/ without the presence of 3D POWER GRAPHITE, inward tilt was 25% less with added graphite. (tested at the Niigata Institute for Health and Sports Medicine)

2.    POWER CUSHION+: New formula and structure evolved from YONEX’s original shock absorbing material, POWER CUSHION™

POWER CUSHION™ is Yonex’s proprietary “light and fatigue-reducing” material. By improving its shock absorption and rebounding properties, POWER CUSHION™+ has a 28% increase in shock absorption and a 62% increase in repulsion when compared to conventional cushioning material (EVA).

A raw egg can be dropped from 12 meters above a POWER CUSHION™+ mat, rebounding to a height of 6 meters without breaking*4.

*4 Tested by Yonex

3.     FEATHER BOUNCE FOAM: New lightweight and resilient cushioning material

A strong and lightweight FEATHER BOUNCE FOAM sole designed to generate 20%* more bounce with each step improving forward momentum. The soft thick sole reduces impact force on knees by dispersing landing energy.

*tested by Yonex




(Product Code: SHR100M)

(Product Code: SHR100L)


Synthetic Fiber


Synthetic Resin



Size / Weight

24.5-29.0 cm 265g per shoe (26.0 cm)

22.0-26.0 cm 220g per shoe (23.5 cm)


light runners (1 km/ 5-7 min pace)