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Protect Your KNEES and Run Safely with YONEX Running Shoes

14 March 2014

We are pleased to inform you that YONEX are going to launch running shoes. This time we will release SAFERUN shoes with the two models, which are designed for maximum cushioning and stability so that you can enjoy running without concern about impact on your knees.


The risk of knee injury is increased by physical changes as joint cartilage that absorbs shock, becomes thinner with aging, weight gain and muscle loss. To reduce the stress on your knees and prevent the injury, the SAFERUN running shoes allow you to protect your knees and run safely by the comfortable technologies below.

SAFE01: POWER CUSHION (fitted for both SHR800 and SHR300 models)

⇒ Provides higher shock absorption and repulsion to reduce impact on your knees.

SAFE02: TOE-LIGHT DESIGN (fitted for both SHR800 and SHR300 models)

⇒ The toe section is reduced in weight for an ideal foot landing angle.

SAFE03: SMOOTH NAVI (fitted for SHR800 model)

⇒ Two components convert landing impact into momentum, assisting heel contact.


We have uploaded the further information about both SHR800 and SHR300 models on our website, so please see the details from the link below.


Also, now you can see the special video that our ambassador Martina Hingis was interviewed about the SAFERUN, experiencing the POWER CUSHION egg test. The Swiss international tennis player, who came back to play doubles tournaments in 2013, has selected YONEX running shoes for her training.

Please check out the video from the link below.


Not only Martina but also other YONEX players have been wearing the SAFERUN when training and off the court. A Danish badminton player Mathias Boe is pleased with his SHR300 shoes and posted the photo on his Twitter page on March 4th.

Click here to check the Mathias’s tweet!