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Stability, Lightweight with Superior Cushioning! New Designs & SONICAGE 4E Wide Model

20 November 2018

Adding to the dynamic array of POWER CUSHION®+ enhanced footwear, Yonex is proud to introduce a new series of wide POWER CUSHION® SONICAGE tennis shoes. The 4E wide model and new designs offering a more comfortable, lightweight experience are set for release at the end of December 2018.

The SONICAGE series provides exceptional performance by including features to highlight its stability, lightweight construction, and enhanced cushioning. The POWER CUSHION®+ has been improved with an enhanced elastic resin arranged in a new construction pattern, which provides 28% better shock absorption1, and a 62% boost in repulsion2. Additionally, the SONICAGE features Durable Skin and Durable Skin Lite offering excellent wear resistance for players with aggressive footwork. The seamless construction delivers a soft, comfortable, and lightweight experience for easier all court coverage.

1)Research conducted by the Japan Vehicle Inspection Association, in comparison with existing POWER CUSHION®

2)Research conducted by the Boken Quality Evaluation Institute.

*Comparison with existing POWER CUSHION®, based on JIS standards



By adding a special elastic resin to the POWER CUSHION®, while maintaining conventional lightweight properties, high shock absorption is realized. Grooves designed in a lattice pattern, with optimum spacing and depth, achieve further resilience. In a test, conducted by Japan Vehicle Inspection Association and Boken Quality Evaluation Institute respectively POWER CUSHION®material demonstrated a 28% better shock absorption, and a 62% boost in repulsion when compared to conventional cushioning material. Raw eggs dropped onto POWER CUSHION®material from a height if 7m bounced on average 4m without breaking, further demonstrating the shock absorbing material of POWER CUSHION®.


Utilizes superbly resilient, wear resistant materials. Built into the outside, inside, and center of the forefoot, it boosts the overall performance of the shoe.